English during the summer

These days we might wonder how we can help our children to improve their English during the holidays. Do not worry, you can do it independently if you have a good level of English or not.

A good idea to put into practice during the summer is to establish a routine with a concrete moment to talk in English with your children. Any moment could work, like bath time, lunch time, swimming pool, or play time. It is important that when you are doing this the child must know when it starts and finishes.

On the other hand, if your level of English is not as good as you would like you have many resources to approach your children to the learning of the foreign language. You can dance and sing with them the songs that we learn in the school (let’s go to the zoo, walking in the jungle, the wheels of the bus…). It is the best way to combine learning and fun.

After eating or before going to bed if you put on a movie or a TV show it would be good to put it in English. It is important that children known the movie before, this way it will be easier for them to understand the plot.

Children at these ages love to paint and play board games. This could be another occasion for introducing the language (colors in English, numbers …).

Finally, if you develop the habit of reading stories before going to bed, it would be very good if they were in English and little by little the children will associate the importance of the language.

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