Frozen Pom Poms Activity

The summer is a good time to offer our children different activities like this one with frozen pom poms. They can experiment and cool off and it promotes the development of fine motor skills.

Frozen pom poms

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A container to fill up with pom poms: bowls, empty ice cream tubs or any food container…
  • Colourful pom poms 
  • A spray bottle
  • A large tray
  • Lots of water
frozen pom poms

Fill up your empty containers with pom poms, and top it up with water to freeze overnight. When you’re ready to set up the activity, put the frozen blocks of ice onto a tray with a spray bottle filled with warm water for your child to free the pom poms. 

You can set it up outside or you can use a shower curtain on the floor if you play at home.

You can reuse the pom poms for other activities once they are dry.

I’m sure your children will enjoy it 🙂

Agata Carreras

Editora del blog